Guidance is the study area that is thought in the context of student personality services and serves to know the factors that affect the individual in various stages of life, development and harmony. It is the whole of the services that contribute to making the person a realistic decision, a balanced person. Guidance has shifted to the development of the individual as a concept and a service, to the harmony of present and future society.

Our students who graduated from our school are employed by different institutions and organizations including in the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education and in the Guidance Research Centers, in kindergartens, special education centers, special education centers, in the field of Turkish Armed Forces, General Directorate of Security, Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Ministry of Justice, the Labor Agency, Medico-Social units of universities, Public Relations and Human Resources. There are 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professor, 2 instructor and 1 research assistant.