To be a faculty preferred in the first order in Turkey with its educational, teaching and research qualities; have a participatory and sharing management; pioneer in ensuring the cooperation of faculty-society; respects global values and has adopted total quality management.

The aim of our faculty is to train teachers who have scientific-conscious, respectful to human rights, dependent on national and universal values, sensitive to culture and artistry, perceiving diversity as a wealth; who are interested in contemporary, democratic, productive, country and world problems and who can produce solutions, who can adapt to changing conditions and have goals for the future; have teamwork, leadership and communication skills, able to use educational technologies, able to establish relationships between different branches of science and apply knowledge to different fields, combine theory and practice, have self-confidence and tolerance, learn lifelong and adopt self-renewal principle, are able to express their thoughts and express their thoughts critically and ethically.

It is also our aims to educate teachers who able to use contemporary methods and technology to improve the individual skills of their students and to teach their knowledge to social life; participating in national and international platforms, contributing to the development of the society, thinking creatively, loyal to Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions and who own it.

We aim to create a faculty that providing the services and facilities needed by teaching staff, students, teachers and training specialists in a supportive educational setting; performing democratic and global society;  realizing educational systems, instructional technology, student support services and educational technology at all levels.